2019 Subscriptions Information

Senior Playing Members: £125 (£75 if paid before 16th May or £100 if paid between 17th and 31st May)
Students and playing members under 21: £60
Social Members: £20
Senior Colts: £60 (incl. family social membership)
Junior Colts: £40 (incl. family social membership)
Junior colts will also receive a free t-shirt as part of their subscription

A £10 discount is applied to subscriptions for 2nd and subsequent children from the same family.

A Student is defined as being in Full Time Education during the 2018/19 academic year.
Under 21 player was born between 1.9.97 and 31.8.01
Senior Colt (U9 to U17) was born between 1.9.01 and 31.8.10. Is in school year 4-12.
Junior Colt (U8 and below) was born on or after 1.9.10. Is in school year 3 and below.

Please visit the payments page to pay the relevant subscription. Paying online is via GoCardless, an online payment provider. The payment method sets up a Direct Debit but for a one-off payment only - so do not worry, you are not signing up to future payments, only this one.
There are subscriptions that include those that allow you to pay for multiple children in one payment and therefore qualify for the sibling discount. The payments are:

  • Senior Playing
  • Student and U21 players
  • Social Membership
  • Senior Colt
  • Junior Colt
  • 2 x Senior Colts
  • 2 x Junior Colts
  • 1 x Senior Colt and 1 x Junior Colt
  • 3 x Senior Colts
  • 3 x Junior Colts
  • 2 x Senior Colts and 1 x Junior Colt
  • 1 x Senior Colt and 2 x Junior Colts

If you have more than 3 children to pay for, please contact Dave Brown at
Click here for Payments Page